Mobile Library: Digital Archiving Workshop

Many thanks to Elaine Lin of Asia Art Archive for hosting our Digital Archiving Workshop at the newly opened Deitta Documentary Space in downtown Yangon. Elaine joined Asia Art Archive in 2012, and is now the Library and Collections Coordinator. She has participated  in and overseen various archival projects, including The Chabet Archive, Salon Natasha Archive, and Kwok Mangho Frog King Archive, and has also contributed to the writing of policies and procedure manuals for AAA’s collections.

Digitizing these collections was no small feat, as we as workshop participants soon learned. It was not only a fascinating insight into why we archive and the significance of such an act, but what we choose to include and leave out, how we rediscover details through images, and how we then categorize these details into metadata, which can then be accessed by a large community.

The workshop also included a demonstration on scanning and data entry.

Mobile Library is sponsored by Foundation for the Arts Initiative and Mr. and Mrs. Serge Pun.

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