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MARCA book archive is a collection including many of Myanmar’s best books on the art and political history of Myanmar. Come and use the books in our new space, featuring a comfy couch, a new selection of Burmese and English language books and artist catalogs, as well as our growing archive of early work by Myanmar artists.

Reading room located at:

98 Bogalay Zay Street, 3rd floor
Botataung Township
Yangon, Myanmar




Clockwise: Books on contemporary art from (clockwise: Htein Lin, Aung Myat Htay, Bagyi Aung Soe, and Aung Myat Htay)


Mobile Library 2014-2015

Check out our Mobile Library Booklist here (Burmese/English)
Designed by ZZDD as part of the Mobile Library: Myanmar Project

The Mobile Library is currently located at:
The National University of Art and Culture Yangon (NUAC)

MARCA Books are available for research. Please send an email to for viewing.

Books Donated by Artist Nina Rodin

  1. Aesthetics and its discontents – Jacques Ranciere – Polity
  2. Anti-Oedipus – Deleuze and Guattari – Continuum
  3. Difference and Repetition – Deleuze – Continuum
  4. Matthew Kieran – Revealing Art – Routledge
  5. Collection de l’art Brut – Lausanne catalogue – Skira Flammarion
  6. Susan Hiller – Ann Gallagher – TATE Publishing
  7. No 1 – First artworks by 360 artists (Thames and Hudson)
  8. The studio Reader (on the space of artists)
  9. Banksy Wall and Piece
  10. Installation art – Oliveira, Petry, Oxley
  11. Anatomy for the Artist – Sarah Simblet
  1. The Art question – Nigel Warburton – Routledge
  2. Illuminations – Walter Benjamin – Pimlico
  3. Art Power – Boris Groys – MIT Press
  4. Contemporary British Women Artists in their own words – Rebecca Fortnum – IB Tauris
  5. Reasons for knocking at an Empty House – Bill Viola – MIT Press
  6. Transgressions, The offences of art – Anthony Julius – Thames & Hudson
  7. Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to today. – MoMA
  8. The truth about Painting – Jacques Derrida – Chicago
  9. Why Art cannot be taught – James Elkins – Illinois
  10. Aesthetics, A comprehensive Anthology – Cahn and Meskin – Blackwell Publishing
  11. The shock of the New – Robert Hughes – Thames & Hudson
  12. Art in theory 1900-2000 – Harrison and Wood – Blackwell Publishing
  13. Hans Ulrich Obrist Interviews 2 – Charta
  14. Art Theory for beginners – Osborne, Sturgis, Turner – Zidane Press
  15. Seven Days in the artworld – Sarah Thornton – Granta
  16. Making Contemporary Art, How todays Artists Think and Work – Linda Weintraub – Thames and Hudson
  17. Ways of Seeing – John Berger – Penguin
  18. The Daily Practice of Painting, writings 1962-1993 – Gerhard Richter – MIT Press
  19. Colour Index – Jim Krause – D&C
  1. Vitamin P: new perspectives in Painting. – Phaidon
  2. Vitamin D2: New Perspectives in Drawing – Phaidon
  3. Vitamin P2: – Phaidon
  4. The Poetics of Space, the Classic look at how we experience intimate spaces – Gaston Bachelard – Beacon
  5. The Sublime – Ed. Simon Morley – Whitechapel Gallery / MIT Press
  6. Failure – Ed. Lisa Le Feuvre – Whitechapel Gallery / MIT Press
  7. Women, Art and Society – Whitney Chadwick – Thames and Hudson

Books bought in Yangon at Myanmar Book Center

  1. Burmese-English/English-Burmese with tones for English speakers
  2. Bacon – Luigi Ficacci – taschen
  3. Chagall – Ingo F Walther / Rainer Metzger – Taschen
  4. Cubism – Anne Gantefuhrer – Taschen
  5. Dadaism – Dietmar Elger – Taschen
  6. Haring – Alexandra Kolossa – Taschen
  7. Minimal Art – Daniel Marzona – Taschen
  8. The Graphic Work of M.C.Esher (introduced an explained by the artist) – TaschAen
  9. Magritte – Marcel Paquet – Taschen
  10. New Media Art – Mark Tribe / Reena Jana -Taschen
  11. Pop Art – Tilman – Taschen
  12. Myanmar Painting From Worship to Self-imaging – Ma Thanegi – Evo Heritage
  13. Art in the 20th Century – Painting, Sculpture, New Media, Photography – Ruhrberg, Schneckenburger, Fricke, Honnef – Taschen
  14. Oxford Students Dictionary (for learners using English to study other subjects) – 3rd edition -OUP
  15. 100 contemporary Artists, A-Z – Ed. Hans Werner Holzwarz – Taschen
  16. Arthur C Danto Philosophizing Art (selected essays)
  17. Artificial Hells – Participatory Art and the politics of spectatorship – Claire Bishop – Verso
  18. Contemporary Painting in Context – Ed. Anne Ring Petersen, Mikeel Bogh, Hans Dam Christensen, Peter Norgaard Larsen – Museum Tusculanum Press
  19. Vitamin 3 D – New Perspectives in Sculpture and Installation – Phaidon
  20. Installation – Claire Bishop – Tate Press
  21. Participation – ed. Claire Bishop – Whitechapel Gallery / MIT Press
  22. The everyday – ed. Stephen Johnstone – Whitechapel Gallery / MIT Press
  23. Situtation – ed. Claire Doherty – Whitechapel Gallery / MIT Press
  24. Graffiti World – Street Art from 5 continents – Nicholas Ganz – Thames and Hudson
  25. Education – Ed Felicity Allen – Whitechapel Gallery / MIT Press
  26. Art Crits: 20 Questions – A pocket Guide – ed Sarah Rowles – Q-Art London
  27. 11 Course Leaders: 20 question – Sarah Rowles – Q-Art London
  28. 12 gallerists: 20 questions – Sarah Rowles – Q-Art London
  29. Art and Otherness – Crisis in Cultural Identity – Thomas Mc Evilley – Documentext

“101 Library”
Donation to MARCA by Charta Books and Giuseppe Liverani (Italy)
Curated by Ilaria Benini (Flux Kit) and Luigi Galimberti (Transnational Dialogues)
As part of Contemporary Dialogues International Festival, Yangon, 2014

International Artists – Vito Acconci. Diary of a body 1969-1973
Contemporary Art from Italy – Maurizio Cannavacciuolo
International Photography – Moises Saman. This is War
International Artists – Jason Martin
Critical and (In)formative Texts – Diversities. L’Europa e gli “altri”
International Artists – Jimmie Durham
Contemporary Art from Italy – Mario Schifano. Gli anni ’80
Contemporary Art from Italy – Grazia Toderi
Contemporary Art from Italy – Pinot Gallizio
Italian Photography – Italian Eyes
International Artists – Chris Csikszentmihalyi. Skin Control
International Artists – Dorothy Cross
Contemporary Art from Italy – Paladino
Contemporary Art from Italy – Luna/Moon
International Artists – Juan Manuel Echavarria
Critical and (In)formative Texts – All Hawaii Entrées / Lunar Reggae
International Artists – John Jonas Gruen. The Sixties. Young in the Hamptons
International Artists – Sharon Lockhart. Pine Flat
Critical and (In)formative Texts – Los Desaparecidos / The Disappeared
About China – Cai Guo-Qiang. Transparent Monuments
Critical and (In)formative Texts – Collateral
International Artists – Kiki Smith
International Artists – elin o’Hara slavick. Bomb After Bomb
International Artists – Alex Katz. New York
International Photography – Andrew Lichtenstein. Never Coming Home
International Artists –  The Moving Images of Tracey Moffatt
International Artists – Adam Berg
About China – Zhang Huan. Altered States
International Artists – Robert Storr. Nalini Malani
International Photography – Moises Saman. Afghanistan. Broken Promise
International Artists – Peter Nadin
Contemporary Art from Italy – Francesco Clemente. Works  1971-1979
Contemporary Art from Italy – Luigi Ontani. MarmArmonia
Contemporary Art from Italy – Luca Pignatelli
Contemporary Art from Italy – Stefano Arienti. The Asian Shore
International Artists – Tacita Dean Film Works
Critical and (In)formative Texts – The Sites of Latin American Abstraction
Italian Photogrphy – Carlo Ferraris
Contemporary Art from Italy – Francesco Vezzoli. Right You Are (if You Think You Are)
International Artists – Maja Bajevic
Critical and (In)formative Texts – Sustainabilities / Sostenibilidades
Contemporary Art from Italy – Ottonella Mocellin / Nicola Pellegrini. An Incongrous Beam of Beauty over the Gaza Strip
International Artists – Kara Walker. Bureau of Refugees
Contemporary Art from Italy – Fausto Melotti
International Artists – Peter Greenaway: L’Ultima Cena di Leonardo
International Artists – Ulla von Brandenburg
International Artists – Dennis Oppenheim. Public Projects
Contemporary Art from Italy – Giovanni Frangi. Pasadena
About China -Luisa Rabbia. Travels with Isabella
International Artists – Jaki Irvine. The Square Root of Minus One is Plus or Minus i
Contemporary Art from Italy – Giorgio Morandi
International Artists – Heide Hatry. Heads and Tales
Contemporary Art from Italy – Claudio Parmiggiani. Petrolio
Critical and (In)formative Texts – In Praise of Shadows
Critical and (In)formative Texts – The Aesthetics of Terror
International Artists – Ivan Navarro. Threshold
International Artists – Jim Holl: The Landscape Painter
Critical and (In)formative Texts – Margaret Sheffield. The Expressive Edge
International Artists – Sean Scully
About China – Yang Shaobin. X – Blind Spot
Critical and (In)formative Texts – Glasstress
Contemporary Art from Italy – Francesco Clemente / Derek Walcott
International Artists – Braco Dimitrijevic
International Artists – Alan Phelan. Fragile Absolutes
About China – Joyce Kozloff. China is Near
Italian Photogrphy – Giulio Rimondi. Beirut Nocturne
Contemporary Art from Italy – Francesco Clemente. A Private Geography
About China – A Pocket History of 20th-Century Chinese Art
International Photography – Sandi Haber Fifield. Between Planting and Picking
International Photography – Shirin Neshat. Women Without Men
Critical and (In)formative Texts – Out of Rubble
Critical and (In)formative Texts – When a Painting Moves. . . Something Must be Rotten!
About China – From San Servolo to Amalfi
International Artists – Georges Adeagbo. The Mission and the Missionaries
International Photography – Sarah Hobbs. Small Problems in Living
About China – Yu Hong. Golden Horizon
About China – Fragmented Reality. Contemporary Art in 21st-Century China
Italian Photography – Peripheral Visions: Italian Photography in Context 1950s – Present
International Artists – Invented Symbols. An Art Autobiography by Alex Katz
International Artists – Leonardo Drew
Critical and (In)formative Texts – Fresh Paint
International Artists – Max Gimblett
About China – Fang Lijun. The Precipice Over the Clouds
International Photography – Martin Stavars. Megalopolis
International Artists – Gwenn Thomas
Italian Photography – Next Stop: Italy
International Artists  – Damian Aquiles
International Artists  – Asim Abu Shaqra

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