New This Month

13/10/16 – MARCA has partnered with Myanmar Photo Archive to create fun gifts for the season. Beautiful old studio portraits dating from the 1920 onward. Come by Myanmart to purchase and help fund future projects (photo book, exhibition, research) by purchasing postcards or illustrated posters!

6/4/16 – We found a space! We are inserting ourselves under the Myanm/art umbrella, a new gallery and exhibition space in Yangon. The remainder of the MARCA archival and library content will have its own room art Myanm/art in the downtown area, right in between Pansuriya and Myanmar Deitta. We are looking forward to hosting you and getting down to business with our digital archive collection, lending library, Kickstarter project, and working for art in Myanmar.

3/2/16 – We are on the New Yorker Instagram page! Lukas Birk of Myanmar Photo Archive (@lukas.birk) and Nathalie Johnston of MARCA (@myanmart) bring you cool photos and historical background of Lukas’ amazing collection of old Myanmar photographs ranging from 1945 onward.

Read the page below in Myanmar Language ၿမန္မာဘာသာၿဖင္႔ဖတ္ရန္

Check out our YOUTUBE Channel for Informative Videos on Myanmar Art!

Our Mobile Library is back at the University of Art and Culture in Yangon. We are excited to start a new chapter of MARCA working closely with the students and teachers to implement exciting programming, translation, and visits. Keep posted via our Facebook Page.

We’ve made it! Thanks to all who supported our Kickstarter Art Basel Campaign to translate a very important work of Myanmar Art History!

We are currently raising funds for a highly functioning and data rich website, in addition to acquisitions of books, compensation for current volunteers, upkeep of our space in Yangon, and transportation, shipping, and translation fees. We are also in the midst of proposal and grant writing, corporate funding proposals, and using our own personal funds to begin the collection and website.