Who We Are | Our People

MARCA was founded by artists Khin Zaw Latt and Zon Sapal Phyu along with researcher Nathalie Johnston.

Khin Zaw Latt – Khin Zaw Latt is an artist and organizer based in Yangon. As a former student of the University of Art and Culture in Yangon, and the owner of KZL Gallery, Khin Zaw Latt has made it his goal to include the students and teachers of the State School of Fine Arts and the Universities of Art and Culture in Yangon and Mandalay in the growing contemporary art world of the country. He is active throughout the community and has been a co-organizer in countless events and art educational exchanges both in Myanmar and abroad. In 2014, he was selected as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

When he is not at his gallery with his family or painting socially conscious art, he enjoys teaching and working at The Bamboo School, an organization he founded to provide art classes and basic English language to students living in the Irrawaddy Delta.

Zon Sapal Phyu – Though no longer working directly for MARCA, Zoncy was integral in the founding of the organization and the direction of the Mobile Library. Her career as an artist includes this year’s Yangon Women’s Festival, and the performance A Call for Justice, exhibitions at TS 1 Gallery, performances in Europe and several Asian countries. Xoncy has been in art residence in Graz, Austria, in Dhaka and in Yogyakarta and been awarded numerous grants and prizes.

She has attended many workshops and training programs in everything from painting over performance, video and photo to film making. Her broad spectrum of interests has also made her attend workshops on Conflict Resolution, Rule of Law, Leadership, Social Sciences and Journalism; but she has also lead quite a few

Nathalie Johnston – As one of the cofounders of the Myanmar Art Resource Center and Archive (MARCA), Nathalie has been working with the artists in Myanmar since 2009. She completed her MA Thesis on Myanmar performance art in 2010, after which she worked between Beijing and Yangon, writing and researching, collecting data and working with artists to produce numerous projects. In 2013, she founded 7000 Padauk contemporary arts space.  In 2014, she became the director of TS1 Yangon, a contemporary arts space in Yangon. She has written for numerous publications including Art Asia Pacific, Art Stage Singapore, Myanmar Times, Mizzima, and various exhibition catalogs.

She focused on Photography in University and moved to Myanmar permanently in 2013. She is currently a research scholar for the Ambitious Alignments Program presented by University of Sydney and Getty Foundation. She now works as the co-director of MARCA and as an independent curator.

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